Certified Custodial Technician Basic Online Course

The Basic course focuses on the daily/routine tasks and the interim maintenance tasks, with an emphasis on Best Practices for hard floor care, as well as carpet care, restroom care, shower room care, disinfecting, above the floor cleaning, etc. Course lessons include: Basic Lesson 1: Customer Service, Basic Lesson 2: Chemistry of Cleaning, Basic Lesson 3: Basic Cleaning for Above-the-Floor Surfaces, Basic Lesson 4: Basic Cleaning for Hard Floor Surfaces, Basic Lesson 5: Basic Cleaning for Carpeted Floor Surfaces, Basic Lesson 6: Basic Cleaning of Restrooms and Shower Rooms Upon obtaining a passing score of 80% in each of the four modules, you will receive your Certified Custodial Technician BASIC certification, which is goods for 2 years. There is a module re-test fee of $24.99 in the event you need to retake a portion of the exam. This order does not include the Basic Handbook and is available for a discounted rate through TJ Grim at tj@issa.com.

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