Custodial Supervisor Certification Course

The custodial profession today not only commands respect, but also requires a high degree of knowledge and skill. One of the important byproducts in the evolution of the custodial profession is CMI’s Custodial & Maintenance Supervision Certification home-study course. It is truly a milestone in our profession. The handbook is divided into four sections of which covers a particular area of supervising and managing custodial maintenance work. The final online certification exam covers all the information that has been presented within the handbook. Upon ordering this course, you will be mailed a handbook to study at your own pace and receive login credentials to take the certification exam when ready. Upon obtaining a passing score of 80% in each of the four modules, you will receive your Certified Custodial Supervisor (C.C.S) certification, which is goods for 2 years. There is a module re-test fee of $24.99 in the event you need to retake a portion of the exam. Please feel free to reach out to a member of CMI team if you have any specific questions (CMI Training Specialist TJ Grim --

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